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Sunday, 1 July 2018

Prayer Points During Pregnancy

Prayer Points During Pregnancy - Daily Pregnancy Prayer Points

Found some very amazing and helpful prayer points on the Mountain of Fire and Miracle Ministry (MFM) website while researching for prayer points to read everyday during this period.


My Father, I thank you for making me reproductive in life

My Father, I thank you for disgracing barrenness in my life

Blood of Jesus, mix with my blood and that of my baby

Fire of God possess me and the baby in my womb in the name of Jesus

Lord, my baby shall not be aborted by dark powers.

My health will not be tampered with during this period of pregnancy

I receive strength to carry my baby in my womb for nine months

My baby will not become sick in the womb.

Jaundice will not attack my baby

The formation of my baby shall be perfect


The baby in my womb, shall not be an abnormal baby

The head of my baby will not carry any curse

The curse operating in my life will not affect my baby

My baby, you will not be paralysed  inside the womb

Fire of God, possess my life and that of my baby

My womb will not be hot to accommodate my baby

My baby stay in the correct position in my womb

The eyes of the baby will not go blind in the womb

My enemies will not have access to the blood of my baby

I immerse my baby and my womb in the pool of blood of in name Jesus


My baby will not be deaf and dumb in my womb.

Witchcraft power will not locate my baby in my womb.

My baby, you will have enough food to eat in my womb.

My baby drink the blood of Jesus, eat the fire of God.

My baby will not die in my womb.

My baby, you shall come out with your head on the day of delivery.

I shall be congratulated on the day of delivery.

My baby shall be active in my womb.

All the parts of my baby will function very well.

The power of the grave shall not swallow my baby.


My baby will not be possessed by

The head of my baby shall not be bewitched

Holy ghost possess the destiny of my baby

My baby receive extra power to overcome sickness in the womb

My baby you shall be the head and not the tail

My baby you shall be greater than your father

Mortuary powers will not kill my baby

Wicked arrows will not enter the head of my baby

My joy shall increase on the day of my delivery

My baby shall be great in life


My environment must cooperate with my pregnancy

The blood of my baby shall not be contaminated

satanic eye will not monitor the growth of my baby in my womb

O lord make my baby a child of promise

O God arise and destroy the enemies of my baby

Fire that swallows fire, enter the life of my baby

The tongue of my baby will not give to the jaw

You the star, the sun and the moon cooperate with my baby

The destiny of my baby will not be turned

I will not deliver a premature baby


Disease associated with the womb my life is not your candidate

Fire of deliverance and healing enter my womb

Any power chanting on my womb, die

My womb shall not be the coffin of my baby

Anointing safe delivery fall upon me now

Fire that brings victory enter my womb

I receive Hebrew woman anointing by fire

I will not loose too much blood in the day of delivery

The eyes of my baby will not go blind

The legs of my baby will not be paralysed


My baby receive fresh fire

My prayers, Spoil the joy of my enemies in the name of Jesus

my baby you will not be delivered with sickness

Every fire of premature delivery burning in my life, die

Any power planning to steal my baby in the womb, die

Any power planning to steal my baby at birth be paralysed

Any power planning to exchange my baby receive paralyses

Blood of Jesus be my helper, on the day of my delivery

Planter of sickness in my womb and the life of my baby, die

Holy Spirit, be my divine surgeon on the day of delivery


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