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Tuesday, 14 January 2020

Prayer For Difficult In Laws


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Prayer For Difficult In Laws

Awesome God,
We worship you oh Lord. You have made the family unit so distinct and there are so many different kinds of relationships and understanding that we have, I am grateful them all! Thank You especially for in-laws. Please may you make us to understand our in-laws and the relationship that they have with our spouse. Holy Spirit please lead the way and guide our thoughts and actions towards our in-laws and help us love them better just as Jesus would. We remember and pray for the in-laws who may not have a healthy and fruitful relationships with their children and interrupt the marriage that You have brought together. Please we beg for your divine intervention and help our in-laws to see that their child is no longer their responsibility and help their children see that their spouse is now their responsibility. I pray for wives who feel judged negatively or inadequacy because of treatment from in-laws and ask that You redeem and strengthen their relationship. Give wives strength, sense of worthiness and the righteous way to respond in each interaction with their in-laws in Jesus’ name AMEN!
May you guide, protect and lead us all through the right path. We pray oh, Lord.

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